Netflix Flixtape: Is it Mixtape for Movies/TV Shows and ready for prime time?

Netflix recently launched Flixtape, a new feature which lets you make playlists of six movie or TV titles shareable with friends, and it can be created to fit a mood, send a message or focus on any particle theme.

The Flixtape can be based on a genre or theme of some sort, and can be shared with friends or family over text message, email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

While Flixtape is free, you’ll need a Netflix subscription to watch the videos in the playlists you’ve created.

Netflix describes the new service as a mixtape for movies and TV shows, but unfortunately, has placed a limit to the number of titles that can be added to each Flixtape.

Albeit, a “mixtape” isn't supposed to include endless entries, the artificial limit Netflix has placed on it could inhibit the possibility to create a long-standing collection.

And the provided options to pick a list of canned mixes (“Made for You”), or click the “inspire me” button to see some suggestions is perhaps too spooky given the limited inventory in Netflix’s library.

But notwithstanding, Flixtape is fun to use, and even more useful as it offers way for users to share more personal, word-of-mouth recommendations. Unlike Netflix’s recommendation system that doesn’t effectively tap into social connections.

As mixtapes are meant to be personal and customizable, also with Flixtape, you’re able to customize the “cover” with title, doodles and even add the name of the person the Flixtape is to be shared.
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