What to expect from Google's new Cloud Natural Language API?

Google has launched a new Natural Language API under its cloud developer tools, aimed at helping developers create applications that understand human language. Which natural language processes enable developers to build apps with voice recognition capabilities essential in building intelligent digital assistants.

The Natural Language API is based on the research used to create Parsey McParseface, an open source parser for English text, which Google released earlier this year.

The API is already in public beta alongside Google's Speech API, which enable applications to take in recorded voice clips and return text translations, making it possible for developers to build apps capable of listening and understanding human voice commands.

The API can also provide information about a block of text, including the context of a write-up with analysis of the structure of the sentence.

Along with the capability to identify entities mentioned, including people, organizations, locations, events, and products.

Google's push to increase its relevance in the public cloud is indeed evident as it continues to face fierce competition from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and IBM, which are all introducing intelligent capabilities in their cloud platforms also.
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