Algorithmic Feed: Instagram joins the Bandwagon?

Social networks may perhaps have embraced machine-learning algorithm not just because it understands users' interests, and more accurately make suggestions to their likes after all. There are fears about the possible abuse of the feature, as a monetization scheme, as those platforms may want to offer paid access for brands that are looking for targeted advertising.

Similar with Facebook feed, showing posts it deems are of interest to you, rather than displaying contents in chronological order, is what Instagram will be rolling out over the coming month.

While, Twitter's real-time update has singled it out from the competitions and lending more to its credence, as natural conversation is supposed to be spontaneous, but still it opted for algorithmic update as well.

Albeit, in Twitter's case it isn't available by default, and you'll need to opt-in to get the new algorithmic feed feature.

Instagram algorithmic feed will attempt to identify the photos or videos you’re most interested in and put those items at the top of your feed.

Which according to Instagram, over 60 percent of feeds are missed on average, and that's what it tries to address with the new feed—you might not see more of your feed, but at least you’ll see more of what you want to see.

Nonetheless, only time will tell how a Facebook-styled algorithm will translate on Instagram, even as many users had responded negatively to the upcoming change in feed.
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