Project Tango: Google's ambitious plan to Map the indoor World

Tango is for everything underneath a roof in the map: subways, offices, residential homes or perhaps more appropriately the stuff inside those rooms, as Google Maps is helpful only around the outside world. Initially tagged "Project Tango", it's an ambitious plan to map the indoor world by Google.

The technology platform uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals.

Thus, allowing app developers to create experiences that include indoor navigation: measurement of physical spaces, 3D mapping, and augmented insight into virtual 3D worlds.

As with other mapping technologies, there are some privacy implications, albeit with Tango, when you map a room, it creates a computer file with the exact specifications of that room, and the file stays only on the device.

But you're given the option to share it, which perhaps Google is honing on to generate venue from the service.

While the technology isn't just for traditional maps, Google is pitching it for everything from shopping, to education and maybe gaming.

Albeit, Google has dismissed as too early to talk about linking Tango to Maps advertisements, announcement of new advertising called promoted pins, which allow retailers highlight specific product deals at nearby stores on Google Maps is a pointer.

The company on Thursday demoed a handful of apps, including one from the American Museum of Natural History, which will show you a digital image of Tyrannosaurus Rex on your phone, all part of Google's virtual reality division.
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