Apple's iOS 10 brings third-party app integrations to Siri, Maps, and more

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2016)  has kicked off, lets peruse on some of the new features in iOS 10, including “emojification” to Messaging, upgrades coming to Siri, and the nifty feature in Photos that recognizes objects, people, and even locations.

Announced on Monday, iOS 10 major new feature is perhaps the update to Messages, which is the most frequently used app on iOS according to Apple, and with iMessage now open to third-party developers.

Obviously, the company's recent AI-related purchases: Perceptio, Emollient and Emotient capabilities are easy to be recognized with the new advanced features coming to messages and the more intelligent Siri.

Apple's iOS 10 “emojification” makes it pretty easy to simply tap-and-replace certain keywords with emojis.

Other visual enhancements to messages, include rich links and in-line video and Apple Music playback, as well as bubble effects, full-screen effects, handwritten text, touch interactive greeting cards, tap-to-quick response, and invisible Ink that you can swipe to reveal a message/photo.

With iOS 10, the Photos app will be able to automatically group photos of common faces or subjects together using machine learning and facial recognition, without you tagging anybody in the uploading of photo.

The nifty feature organizes photos into categories like events and can even match the mood with video or music.

Apple introduced what it termed differential privacy, which brings the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning from crowd-sourced learning, without sacrificing individual privacy.

With iOS 10, Siri is also now open to developers with third-party apps like WeChat, Slack and WhatsApp on iOS, and the digital assistant understands the difference between asking to "send a WeChat" and actual chatting via WeChat.

Apple Maps now has a new look with some clean interface feel. And it's opened up to third-party developers, meaning for instance, you can now order an Uber through Apple Maps without leaving the app.

Other iOS 10 experience includes a redesigned lock screen and Control Center, more-interactive Notifications, and better implementation of 3D Touch, as you can now access your Camera by swiping from the right, and see all your widgets by swiping from the left, even with lock screen.
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