Experience the next level of Video Streaming with Opera Mini 15

As Opera continues to lose mobile users on its renown Opera Mini browser, owing to the growing number of smartphones adoption, especially Android-based devices, Chrome has been enjoying greater patronage than ever before.

Opera resorted to very frequent updates to improve its browser's usability, with the introductions of QR code reader, night mode, more data compression modes, and has even now started rolling out an update in Opera Mini for Android with enhanced video streaming features.

The new update to Opera Mini 15 is the "video boost" feature which Opera browser has been known for long, enabling users to see less of the video-buffering wheel.

Opera utilizes its Rocket Optimizer technology to compress up to 60% of the video, which reduces the video-buffering, and results faster loading and less bandwidth consumption.

Other new features in Opera Mini 15 includes: option to compress media and save data on a WiFi connection, support for uploading and downloading files from the SD card on select devices, and the option to shrink the size of an image before uploading.

Additionally, users can now change the status bar color on upgraded devices, to match the environment (for Lollipop and Marshmallow devices only).

The biggest Opera Mini 15 update remains the video compression feature, which reduces the video size, serving up slimmer videos on mobile and keeping data plans in check. You can get Opera Mini for Android free from the Google Play Store.
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