Digital Wallets: Google’s Facial Recognition service to challenge Apple Pay

Now, imagine the possibility of paying a cashier through mobile, without your phone leaving your pocket, that's exactly what Google is working on its Android Pay system, with verification by facial recognition.

While, Apple Pay has been the undisputed champion security wise - with your card details not stored at all, replacing it with a unique Device Account Number and a one-time code generated for every single transaction.

Apple Pay only requires iPhone users to only hold out their device with their finger on the Touch ID button, while Apple Watch owners simply raise their wrist to the reader to initiate payment.

The swipeless mobile payment using Near Field Communications (NFC) technology of Apple Pay is now rivaled by Google its Hands Free payment service.

Google's facial recognition service is designed to allow you to pay for things without you doing a single thing, walk up to the cashier, and say you want to pay with Google, smile and walk away with your purchases.

It uses Bluetooth and WiFi connections alone with location sensing capabilities in smartphones to detect when someone is near a store enabled with Hands Free payment technology.

Google is experimenting at some locations with cameras in stores to recognize people with Hands Free digital wallets so they could pay without even pausing.

Albeit, security falls considerably short of that offered by Apple Pay, Google's wallet emphasis as to never to share your credit card details with the store, and your payment details only shared with the payment processor is quite reassuring.
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