Why KongaPay is more than just the Nigerian equivalent of Alipay

As Nigeria is increasingly becoming a complex, diverse and very dynamic eCommerce business environment, with thousands of daily multidimensional, and non-linear transactions; providing the breeding ground for a new generation of entrepreneurs who have capabilities to identify market needs and to develop services to cater for them is now most expedient.

KongaPay is certainly a game-changer on the eCommerce and online payment ecosystem in Nigeria, and eliminates the need for customers to enter their card details for making online payments.

Konga.com is Nigeria's leading eCommerce business, which has been at the forefront of solving the online payment problems peculiar to Nigeria, with services like Pay on Delivery, or Cash on Delivery, meant to tackle the card payment processing setbacks.

KongaPay is designed to enable Konga customers pay seamlessly on the site, and the service is open to anyone with an active local bank account and a registered phone number.

While Alipay, an online payment service introduced in 2004 by Chinese eCommerce giant, Alibaba.com has moved ahead and expanded from its initial core into other related areas, KongaPay in comparison is currently focused of salvaging local online payment issues.

KongaPay is intended to serve as part of the everyday life of Konga consumers and to enable a more better customer experience.

While both services are similar, Alipay encompasses a much bigger picture, whereas KongaPay is aimed at providing a more attractive value proposition to its users.

It is now left to see the actual effect of the KongaPay service in Nigeria, which is due to become available to customers starting July on the Konga marketplace.
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