crashes most Browsers; Here's a workaround!

The meme has fired up the Internet, with pranksters sending the link to unsuspecting users with the sole intent of crashing their browsers, while Apple Safari is most susceptible, other major browsers like Chrome and Firefox also struggles to contain it.

It utilizes Java Script to put the browser into a loop, thereby adding characters into the browser’s address bar, overloading the memory, and resulting it to hang and eventually crash.

Apple's Safari is affected the most, both on iOS and OS X, as it freezes up the device, and you can’t navigate away from the site. It crashes Safari, forcing the iPhone and iPad to reset: and the screen to go blank, displaying only Apple logo.

While, Firefox is better placed in containing the exploit, as Firefox for Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X all take a while longer to load the site.

Microsoft Edge is the only exemption from this fiasco, as it loads the site immediately as if nothing was wrong in the first place.

Apple, Google, and Mozilla are apparently aware of this problem and are expected to issue a fix for their respective browsers in coming updates. Meanwhile, The following tips will serve as a workaround for now.

For those using an iOS device such as iPhone or iPad; simply press on a text link far longer so as to show the whole URL before opening it. And Mac users just have to hover over the text link to be able to see the entire URL.

If you aren't sure about the URL, as in shortened URL cases, then check it with online tools such as before loading.
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