Browser Trends: Opera Software attempts an AI-powered Browser

Opera Software chirped about its ongoing project to revamp the basics of its browser usage, with the introduction of an AI-powered browser that recognizes whether you're reading the news, checking email, or social networking, and to adapt to the tasks accordingly.

The Oslo-based, Norwegian company commenced the project towards the end of 2015, and is promising that the new browser should arrive later this year.

Lars Boilesen, Opera Software's CEO, stated in an interview at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016), about plans to add more smart features, that "if you're shopping, you could get recommendations on the side".

Opera had earlier took a huge step in scrapping its own core browser engine and adopting Blink, which is also used by Google's Chrome, making Opera the second-largest contributor to the open source project.

Albeit, Opera may be experiencing tougher challenges on the mobile front, with the proliferation of smartphones, as they've been somewhat left behind by the smartphone switch.

And there are crops of new challengers including UCweb, a Chinese mobile browser, acquired by Alibaba and even Microsoft, trying to break new grounds with its Edge browser.

While the majority of users still stick with the big names like Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Perhaps, if Opera should succeed in injecting new life into the browser, could mean them getting more users on the browser again.
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