Webfluenti.al - Analytical data for best Marketing insight

Webfluenti.al (also rendered as Webfluential) is a platform that links social media influencers with brands and PR agencies to promote campaigns, by tracking and analyzing traffic data from social media accounts. It aims to create new relationships between customers and brands through social media influence.

The special algorithm employed by Webfluential is able to distinguish real followers from fake ones, and through factoring web statistics and other metrics, can identify each influencer's true reach, relevance and resonance.

Webfluential classify influencers into dynamic "leagues" which advertisers can then select from based on their budgets and campaign goals.

Webfluential's ultimate aim is to become a leader at connecting advertisers with "influencers" and by helping brands identify influential users that are best matched for their marketing campaigns, meet Africa’s need for regulation and standard for its fledging online marketing space.
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