VMWare brings legacy Windows Apps to Chrome OS

Google has partnered with VMWare to bring legacy Windows software to run on Chrome OS, according to the Google Enterprise blog post on Wednesday. VMware will offer virtual desktop services for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, making them capable of running Windows applications.

It will afford users access to the Windows-only enterprise softwares, such as accounting applications, on Google's low-cost Chrome OS laptops and desktop boxes.

The service will enable organizations to access their applications or full virtual Windows desktops by using a number of different VMware virtualization technologies.  Also access applications, data and desktops through a browser, using VMware’s Blast streaming software.

Even as the countdown to Windows XP end of life continues, deploying Chromebooks and taking advantage of the VMware desktop virtualization could also provide organizations an easy way to migrate from Windows XP, ensuring that security vulnerabilities, application compatibility and migration budgets will be a thing of the past.

The Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which will be offered both by VMware and selected partners, will go live within the next few months.
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