Chrome 33 cuts-off Add-ons in the Windows browser

Google's effort to tighten the screws on third-party add-ons, which commenced July 2012, when it first required that add-ons be moved to the Chrome Web Store, has finally been realized with the release of Chrome version 33. Chrome 33 automatically throws a “kill switch” on extensions that had been installed from sources other than the Chrome Web Store.

The company has termed it a “hard-disable,” or one that prevents the user from re-enabling the add-on, although, with some exceptions.

Add-ons installed via its enterprise policies (acquiring the rights to established add-ons already in the Chrome Web Store) or by developers from their websites or software can avoid the automatic “hard disable” according to Google.

While extensions that had been installed locally or by businesses internally must be published to the Chrome Web Store. And businesses can opt to hide their extensions on the store from the public or continue to use group policies to offer the add-ons to their workforce from their own servers.
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