Google set to Unleash new Tools to fight Censorship

Google Ideas, which is an initiative of the internet giant to serve as a think/do tank that explores how technology can enable people to confront threats in the face of conflict, instability or repression - now, has scheduled a summit in New York with partners to discuss on the theme "Conflicts in a Connected World".

Google hopes to leverage on the ideas generated to better understand how to protect people confronting online censorship.

The summit brings together “hacktivists,” security experts, entrepreneurs, dissidents and others to explore the changing nature of conflict and how online tools can both harm and protect, according to the official Google blog.

And along with partners, the company intends to launch several new technology products to help with fighting censorship, such products includes: Project Shield (which protects websites against DDoS attacks), Digital Attack Map (live data visualization that maps DDoS attacks) and uProxy (new browser extension that allows contacts share trusted pathway to the web).

Google believes access to the free flow of information is increasingly critical, and have gone ahead in taking necessary steps to help those fighting for free expression around the world.
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