Google Fiber: The Projected Future

Google is currently pursuing a really ambitious project, Google Fiber aimed to bring the experience of super fast and hybrid internet connectivity comprising digital television to communities, of course within the United States.

Google announced plans to install Google Fiber internet service in Provo, Utah, which was the third city after Kansas City that the company has marked for the initial roll-out plan.

What exactly is Google Fiber and How would it affect Consumers?

Google Fiber is a hybrid internet infrastructure service powered by Google. It's aimed to bolster super fast internet service with plans starting from 5Mbps all the way to a blistering fast 1,000Mbps. The 1,000Mbps service comes with a bevy of perks, including 1TB of Google Drive storage with the television service equipped with a 2TB DVR recorder in addition to the Google Drive storage.

Google Fiber is perhaps inspiring other ISPs to lessen the broadband gap. Or, as put on DSLReports the goal is to “…light a fire under the pampered behinds of incumbent broadband operators.”

Though Google Fiber is not yet available everywhere, nor gigabit internet in general for that matter, it mostly has to do with areas internet infrastructure. Only a handful of cities in the U.S. are wired up for fiber optics, which means only so many places can get Google Fiber or the gigabit internet service. And It’ll be a long time before it reaches every nook and cranny of the U.S. (if it even does).
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