Privacy: "Do Not Track" Icon for Mobile browsers?

Online privacy has indeed taken a center stage in modern internet usage, given the proliferation of tracking technologies aimed to bolster advertising efforts, even at the expense of users personal information. Internet users, on the other hand have always clamored for more control over their data, and had reacted with outrage whenever such rights have been abused.

AdChoice, is a familiar web icon for those who are used to surfing the internet. It's an initiative of Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which serve to educate users on personal data collected by targeted ads, availing them the option to opt-out of such tracking.

Now, the coalition have devised plans of bringing same user control to mobile browsers, with a disclosure icon that will give users option to Do Not Track command on their mobile devices.

The overriding idea, however, is for internet users to have control over who or what gains access to their personal data, and preventing unwanted intrusion to users privacy.

And the timing is perhaps, even more accurate given the dominance of smart mobile devices in modern internet usage, which has correspondingly driven advertising thereto. The project is still in early developmental stage and according to DAA will be coming on board by next year.
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