Chrome 28 for Android brings Data Compression

Google on Wednesday announced the upgrade of Chrome 28 to the stable channel, with Chrome 28 for Android sporting new features of data compression, translation and fullscreen support which hitherto had been available only on the web version.

Data Compression had been a highly sought after feature for mobile browsers owing to the high consumption of data especially on Android devices. Chrome support for data compression utilizes Google's SPDY network technology to optimize web pages for mobile devices.

Google Translate for Chrome, on the other hand, means automatic translation of web pages right from within the browser, making it easy for users to access information presented in foreign languages. While fullscreen support allows users to display web contents in full-screen mode.

However, the downside of Chrome's data compression is that encrypted websites are not supported, unlike what is obtainable with Opera Mini.

Google's push on Chrome to take a center stage on the web is very much evidence in the current slew of improvements coming to the browser. And also recently have gone ahead to switch to its own rendering engine, Blink
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