Opera 15 brings WebKit-based Experience to Desktop

Opera Software has extended its transition to WebKit which started with Android to desktop running Windows and OS X in the launch of Opera 15. The revamped Opera browser for desktop also spot Opera signature feature like Speed Dial, also bringing new features that debuted on Android version like Off-Road Mode and Discovery Tool along.

Off-Road Mode employs Opera's proxy-browsing technology to speed up slow network connections. And the feature automatically turns off when internet connection becomes fast again. While Discovery Tool (Opera Discover) serve web pages based on a user's interests.

The company, however, hinted on their resolve to introducing all old Opera signature features along with the revamped Opera browser in subsequent versions.

Opera next releases will include themes to customize the browser's appearance and vsiual system for tab management according to Sebastian Baberowski, Product Management Director at Opera Software. Also, together with the new Opera is what the company terms release streams: Opera Stable, Next and Developer versions, mimicking Chrome's development cycle.

If a user installs Opera from any particular stream, the update will remain the same, meaning Opera Stable will be updated to Opera Stable, Opera Next to Opera Next and so on. The new Opera 15 for desktop is now available for download.