Google Chat Comes to

Microsoft web-mail service, is indeed building up to challenge the Gmail advances with slew of innovative features coming to the messaging platform. The new web-mail service already boast of the best social integration with Skype, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connections and now, has added Google chat integration according to the Outlook blog.

Microsoft's openness to users demand is becoming more evidence, hence the endless pool of features to improve users experience across its service offerings.

Google chat integration means users can connect with friends using Google services without leaving the messaging platform. The feature is currently rolling out and so may take some more days to get across all users.

Microsoft recently launched two-factor authentication system to beef of security across its services, and the good part, it's open to all locations unlike Google's 2-Step Verification which omitted some really heavy users' country like Nigeria in the supported country list. also support core security standards like DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) making the platform impregnable to phishing attacks.

Perhaps, going by the tempo of innovative additions, may eventually become the Gmail Killer analysts have dubbed it.
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