Adobe Creative Cloud: What You Need to Know?

Adobe's Creative Suite CS6 launch about a year ago created a unique new way for the company to license it's product offering: introducing the Creative Cloud service, which affords users access to Adobe's software library for a monthly or annual fee.

Creative Cloud makes Adobe's applications available in an entirely unique way not before thought possible, via a subscription model for the very first time. What this means for users is that instead of coughing-out a whopping Adobe Software license fee, they can have complete access to Adobe's Software library at a more tenable monthly or yearly fee as the case may be.

The line of argument, however, is on the fact that a Master Collection license is forever, while on the Creative Cloud service, constant subscription charges are applied.

On individual usage calculation, if you require Adobe's application for a brief spell, then the Creative Cloud option seems a better bargain. But for those professionals who are always on the job, a Master Collection license is best.

Also, non power users are at a more disadvantage with Creative Cloud option, as the same charges apply even when fewer applications are actually used. While, on the Master Suite you can purchase license on only selectable applications you require.

The pros of Creative Cloud hinges on features like cloud storage and syncing options available on the service. Perhaps, software as a service (SaaS) offerings will take a clue here, given that Adobe's business model, Creative Cloud is gaining more and more attention, lately.
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