Review: Google Inactive Account Manager

If you have ever thought of what will become of your online accounts after you're gone, you are not alone. Google too is thinking on that same line, as it announced Inactive Account Manager. The tool enables you take control of your entire Google Account related services in case you are dead. However repulsive that idea may appear, its a call we all must answer and therefore necessary users have control over their accounts before hand.

Google Inactive Account manager is available on Google Account Settings page, allowing users to predefine how and what will become of their account after they are gone.

It invariably not exclusively about death, as it can also serve towards a long absence from the internet owing to maybe sickness or travel to remote areas. The features afford you the options to either delete your entire account after certain stipulated inactive period or have Google email your account details to a "trusted contact".

For instance, you can choose to have your account data deleted after three, six, twelve months inactive periods, respectively. Or have trusted contact receive data on selectable Google services.

Google hopes the new feature will enable users plan their digital afterlife, in order to safeguard their privacy and security, to make life easier for loved ones after they're gone.
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