Enterprise-Level Controls for Chrome browser

Google's effort to slice a share on the enterprise world dominated by Microsoft and Apple continues to receive attention as the company announces new admin control features for Chrome.  The feature allow I.T administrators the ability to apply workplace control configuration across employee's system.

The administrative controls now means that workers can be subjected to same workplace security standards even outside the office.

Last month, Google brought new Administrative Controls to Chrome OS, signaling the positioning of the new Operating System for enterprise customers, a gap which the company have been struggling to fill in the past couple of years.

Employee's working outside the office can now have access to their workplace Web Apps, and general customized experiences by logging into Chrome on Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education according to the company blog.

Also included in the new features is what Google terms 'Legacy Browser" support. It allows I.T administrators to configure the system so as to automatically select a given version of the browser depending on whether a give site or app performs better on older or "legacy" version of the browser.

The Admin control panel affords administrators to customize over 100 Chrome policies and preferences for their employees on its cloud-based management infrastructure.
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