Chrome OS Gets new Control Features

Google is indeed prepping its new Operating System, Chrome OS for prime time, as evident in the high-end machine, Chromebook Pixel recently announced under the platform. And as a follow up, the company on Thursday released new enterprise-level control features for Chrome OS.

Enterprise customers had clamored for more control over their network, given the always-online nature of Chrome OS, now that desire have been granted in the latest control update.

The Chrome OS management console update according to Chrome Releases blog, is meant to bring-in new users' policies as regards how administrators handle access level on a given network. It helps to determine whether or not to allow certain users the option to access some flagged malicious websites.

Top control features on the list includes: Third-party Cookies blocking, Plugin Authorization, Bookmark Bar, Control on Cookies for URL patterns and Malicious sites.

These listed settings will definitely give Enterprise administrators the controls necessary over the use of Chrome OS in their organization, covering important fields as web surfing, cookie access and application management.
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