Chrome OS Defy Hackers at Pwnium 3

Chrome OS had always been touted as a platform built for secured web access from the architectural point of view, being based on the Linux kernel coupled with the extensive sandbox technology. The open-source OS proved bookmakers right at the recently concluded hackers competition Pwnium 3, at CanSecWest in Vancouver, Canada.

Pwnium hacking contest is organized by Google to explore the security holes on its operating system, Chrome OS, so as to mitigate such vulnerabilities from being exploited in the wild. It attracts the brightest of hackers and security experts, who compete for the price money.

Pwnium 3 price was $3.14 million, inspired by the mathematical number "pi" which Google broke down into $110,000 for browser or system compromise, while $150,000 goes for a compromise after system reboot.

Albeit, the competition was extended by 3hrs owing to "no clear" exploit recorded, still Chrome OS defy the hackers at the contest. The outcome was announced on Google+ by the Chrome team, stating that no winning entries were received, but that they are evaluating some works that may qualify as partial exploits.
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