Zeitgeist 2012: Search Trends

Google as its tradition goes has on Wednesday released Zeitgeist List 2012, top searches on Google for the year. What makes research into the list interesting is that it holds the key to important social patterns to popular world events through the trending searches.

Information indeed is the most sort after factor on the internet, however, it does not in itself lend any satisfaction except when applied in solving problems.

The year in review presented great social moments: with the Olympic Games, U.S election and perhaps the natural disaster Sandy taking a large chunk.

The "Consumer Electronics" search trends really caught our attention, even more the "Trending Events" category. That the Cupertino behemoth still hold its sway in the smartphone and tablet top list is not a surprise, but how the Korean tech giant, Samsung has become a great force in the smartphone sector is indeed remarkable.

With its flagship smartphone brand Galaxy S3 at number two (No. 2), Samsung have truly done the impossible, beating generation favorites BlackBerry and Nokia down the lane.

Hurricane Sandy at number one on the events trends goes to show emotional pool in social engagement. The social web invariably rides on people and people responds more to emotions, especially the stronger ones: love and danger.

But, how the social web responds on our collective aspiration cannot be questioned, as it has the capacity to bond humanity and harnessed intelligence can serve a stronghold in challenging any opposition to freedom. And that possibility has been demonstrated on state levels, the world outlook is still pending and may soon become a reality too.
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