Open Protocols Displace Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Google over the weekend announced the discontinuation of its Sync service which allow access to Gmail, Calender and Contacts through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on mobile. Google had earlier in September  commenced support for CardDAV - an open protocol for contacts, joining other open protocols: IMAP and CalDAV (open protocols for mail and calendar respectively) already supported.

Google Sync will ultimately come to a halt, starting January 30, 2013 for new users. But, Google Sync on its Apps for Business, Government and Education will continue to be supported.

While, the company have recommended that users should avails themselves of the new seamless experience by using the open protocols.

However, for those users who already have the Sync connection running would have nothing to worry about, as existing Google Sync will continue to function as normal.

The main reason behind the change according to Google  is to enable third-parties build seamless Google Sync experience. As the open protocols, combined with the options to access Gmail, Calender and Contacts with your desktop or mobile browser, also via native apps on iOS and Android, ensures great seamless experience regardless of device used.
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