Google Powered Speak2Tweet Live In Syria

Google initiated resolves in making the internet open and free have been greatly applauded, especially in state-sponsored blockade of the internet infrastructures. The political revolution in Egypt about two years ago, in which the country's censorship of Twitter was challenged by Google powered Speak2Tweet is a case in point.

Now, the novelty service is back in Syria as the country has decided to clampdown on Twitter access and general internet infrastructure.

Google announced the reactivation of the service in a Google+ post, stating that they have partnered with Twitter to relaunch Speak2Tweet, allowing anyone to tweet using voice call.

The voice connection tweets can be accessed on: and is enabled by simply leaving a voice message on the following phone numbers: (+90 212 339 1447 or +30 21 1 198 2716 or +39 06 62207294 or +1 650 419 4196), then the service will tweet your message.

Guess, that's another way of saying more power to the "Tweeple". And well done Google for championing such great calls.
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