Firefox Social API Integrates Facebook

Mozilla's social integration tool, Social API, now has Facebook integrated direct on Firefox, which before now only allows connection to social networks through third-party browser add-on. The company announced the Social API beta since late October, and had on Tuesday commenced full testing of the Social API feature.

The feature is especially useful to keep tab on updates on the social networks without leaving the actual page a user is accessing at the moment. It invariably eliminates frequent tab swapping to keep updated on the social networks proceedings.

However, users are required to upgrade to the latest version of the browser and activate the feature on the Facebook Messenger for Firefox homepage.

Also, Mozilla is currently exploring the possibility of including other social networks on the Firefox Social API, which now has Facebook as the first to join the train.

The company is also calling on developers to contribute to improving the new social tool, even as it awaits feedback from Facebook users who have activated the feature.
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