Virtual Keyboards: Enhanced Language Transliteration

Google has added virtual input tools to enhance typing words across languages on its web-mail service, Gmail. According to a post on its official blog, finding the right words across languages posses some difficulties, as well as ways to type the actual words, mainly due to limitation of supported letter-inputs on hardware keyboards.

The Gmail input tools comprises of 100 virtual keyboards and its transliteration, making it easy for users to type in the languages they are accustomed. Keeping in touch with family is now even more formal with the Gmail messaging enhancements.

These tools follows IMEs input method to enable familiar virtual keyboard layout, with a one-click switch between languages.

To tryout the language input tools, go to: Settings, under Language and check the box next to Enable input tools. Thereafter, the input tools icon will become visible next to Settings button in your toolbar, and you have the option to turn it off and on again.
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