Enhancement to Search Within Gmail Attachments

Before now, Gmail could only allow search within attachments on text or HTML documents, while other document formats like: Word, Excel and PowerPoint were not supported. The latest enhancement to the service now makes it possible to search attachments in emails in popular programs such as, PDF and Microsoft Office.

The inside attachment search procedure is thus: For instance, you need to locate a statement within your document, lets say "Search Innovations", simply input "has:attachment Search Innovations". And for format specified search, input: "has:attachment format: search term".

The feature, however may not be a novelty as other email systems already incorporate the attachment search capability. Albeit, Google for reasons best known to it had delayed the implementation on its webmail service.

The roll-out of the feature has commenced, but certainly has not been extended to all Gmail users. The good news still remains that Gmail now fully support searching inside attachments.
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