Flash Focus On PC Browsing And Apps

Adobe earlier hinted on plans to focus more on PC browsing and mobile apps packaged with Adobe AIR, stressing that the emerging web standard, HTML5, is now universally supported across major mobile platforms, hence, will be discontinuing Flash for mobile. The company in a blog post over the weekend have stated that it will discontinue the development of Flash Player for mobile browsers.

Flash support has been the distinguishing factor for Android devices, giving it an edge against the Apple platform. The extensive support for Flash on Android is such that in many instances, Flash Player is downloaded to non-certified devices from the App store, Google Play, and it works.

However, Android 4.1 will not have that support, as Adobe has discontinued the development of Flash Player for this latest version of Android.

Starting August 15, Flash Player updates will be limited to only those mobile devices with Flash already installed.

Mobile devices that do not have Flash Player already installed will likely be incompatible with Flash, and may no longer be able to download and install it from the App Store.

Hence, to continue enjoying Flash Player for Android, it is recommended that those users who have upgraded to version 4.1 should revert to the older version. If a device is upgraded from Android 4.0 to 4.1, the current version of Flash Player may exhibit unpredictable bug due to incompatibility.

The emerging web standard, HTML5, is indeed now the best platform for the development of contents for browsers on mobile devices going by Adobe's own rating.
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