HTML5 Games: Ready Or Not?

An Open Source Game Project undertaken by Wooga, a German company specializing in Social Games, has inadvertently hit the rock. What would have translated as the most advanced game title for the emerging web development platform, HTML5, is perhaps not to be or better set for the future.

Wooga's Pocket Island, was an ambitious project with the original goal of pushing HTML5 Games into new territory and perhaps create one of the worlds biggest game ever.

The company has labeled the project "failed" according to an official release on a blog post, Thursday.  And had subsequently tagged the emerging web standard, HTML5, not ready for serious game development.

According to the blog post, initially, the game project was an experiment to dig into the vast possibilities of HTML5, but the landscape turned-out rather unsuitable, as the company puts it, "the water wasn't as cold as the team expected".

Despite that the game was fully functional, it lacked the polish of the natively developed apps. Further more, it took much more time, that would have been devoted into improving the overall game-play mechanics. What appeared simple task on native apps, is decidedly more complex and time consuming with HTML5.

Then comes the salient question: what lies ahead for HTML5 Games?
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