Browser Wars: IE9 Gains On Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 marked a revolutionary point in the company's incursion into the mobile web cum Smartphones and Tablet markets. The iconic touch-screen technology introduced in the ace OS is what is still driving the wider adoption of the Windows mobile platform.

Now, Windows 7 success has even shifted to embracing the company's browser, Internet Explorer. According to a March Analytics report on browser performances by NetMarketShare, IE9 recorded a marginal increase in market share against Firefox and Chrome Browsers contrary to its declining trend.

Microsoft's IE9 market share for the month went from 52.84% up to 53.83%, which translated to a gain of 0.99% share.

The analytics report in terms of desktop usage, posted Google Chrome on 18.57% from 18.90% share, while Mozilla Firefox went from 20.92% down to 20.55% share.

The worldwide metrics gain for Microsoft, albeit, considering its heavily-pushed promotions, points to the Windows 7 successes. And perhaps, given the already spread hype on the next version of the OS, Windows 8, may carry-on in the coming months.

However, the intensity of upgrades and innovations across Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers may present a more credible challenge. Microsoft indeed, has got a whole lot to prove in other to win back users trust, mostly on security considerations.
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