YouTube Privacy: Blur Faces In Video

Google's video sharing platform, YouTube, has been a center of incessant lawsuits from aggrieved individuals as most people are featured in videos by users without their consent or express approval. The terrific media platform has thereby suffered continuous criticism from various Privacy Advocacy Groups.

YouTube's director of communications and policy, Victoria Grand, has hinted on the inclusion of a new technology that will enable users to blur the faces of people in videos, as the case may be, allowing users to edit the videos so that a complainants face is blurred.

The face blurring tool will serve as additional privacy control option on the video sharing platform, as critics had argued for the possibility of concealing the faces of individuals in questionable instances.

Google had earlier demonstrated the image blurring technology capability in dealing with aggrieved parties in its Street View Images Controversy

The enhancement to video editing tool to blur faces may be coming to YouTube in the next few months, so users are hereby enjoined to avail themselves of the new privacy tool when uploading videos that may generate controversy.
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