Mobile Web: Next Privacy Call

The extent of tracking users on the mobile platform has been a great privacy challenge, with the latest location-based technologies, there seems to be no feasible sign of containing the exploit. And coupled with the growing need of monetizing the social networking platforms on mobile application, the exploit may even take a more intrusive nature.

Mozilla is reportedly working on an open-source operating system for tablet devices and smartphones that will support its revolutionary "Do Not Track" feature on mobile.

The OS is code-named 'Boot to Gecko (B2G), and based on the Linux kernel. Also referred to as 'Open Web Devices Platform' - the Linux-based mobile OS, still in early developmental stage, is billed to introduce comparative privacy standard to the Mobile Web.

B2G will be overtly web-centric, bringing the full flavor of the web to the mobile platforms. All B2G apps will be live online (web apps), accessible directly instead of downloading to the device.

Privacy and security will be built from the foundation up, unlike the conventional mobile-app system whereby a single vendor controls all available apps, Boot to Gecko, will support multi-platforms and vendors applications.

The 'Do Not Track' option helps maintain privacy only when the concerned developer updated its app to respect the security user-demand. And unfortunately, there is wanting the legislation to compel all developers to comply with the 'Do Not Track' command.

However, the fact that Mozilla had envisioned a project built on security and privacy as a basic architecture, maintaining open all aspects of the design and implementation is rather more user-centric than just plausible. So, the call goes to all mobile web users, practice 'Safe Browsing'.
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