Final Windows 8 Preview

Microsoft has scheduled the 'consumer preview' date for the newest version of Windows operating system, Windows 8, on February 29. Windows 8 design is perhaps the most critical update the incumbent OS has put-up so far, and so much hypes have followed its announcement.

The leaked overview has shown a radical interface change in the new OS, the ever popular start button which first appeared in Windows 95 will be replaced by an intuitive 'hot spot' (the smart corner serves the function of start button hub, with a swipe it brings-up the menus).

The new OS builds on the elements of the former version Windows 7, bringing with it the Metro Themes and Tiles. The Tiles is a live screen displaying updates from social networks realtime, and messaging status from email and IM on the Home screen.

Microsoft has maintained a keen sight on the Tablet market dominated by Android and Apple Device, and obviously, the new OS designs may nonetheless mark Microsoft incursion into the mainstream of the mobile platforms. As the timing and place also coincide with the date for the Mobile World Congress.

Although, no release date has been announced for the final version of the new OS, trend watchers are of the candid-view that it may show-up before the holiday season.
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