Push Notifications: Web Application

Push notifications is a feature that is native to Android and iOS apps, allowing it to notify users about the availability of a new content. Mozilla, is reportedly working on introducing the technology to the web according to Jeff Balogh, a developer at Mozilla Foundation.

The push notifications application for the web will allow websites to notify subscribers of new updates similar to how mobile apps notify users, albeit, mimicking the capability of RSS feeds, but as a core web technology.

The prototype and designing of the new API is currently in the works, and the notification service invokes the Firefox browser to deliver push contents to users. And user's permission is sort before the browser commences the notification service. It delivers the message to Firefox on the desktop, on Android, on Boot to Gecko, or iOS on Firefox Home.

The major point of the service is that we live in a multiple device, and cross-platform world. So, it acknowledges all the major platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS as Firefox Home.

Definitely, the notification service takes-on the role of RSS feeds, but rather built into the core web programming interface. The paramount question, then is, are we heading to an upgrade to the RSS feeds or just another viable alternative to the service?
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