Facebook: Timeline And Privacy

The recently announced Facebook new profile, Timeline has presented another twist in Facebook privacy concerns. Facebook has termed it 'frictionless sharing', a chronological archiving of a users life story right on the profile page. It aims to allow users to easily access the history of their activities on the social network.

Facebook Timeline is built on information from the most memorable events of your life recorded online through its algorithm, in other words, it accesses passed information, perhaps buried in your imagination, but still tucked-up in its archive. The Timeline changes the default profile from a list of recent updates to a users activities summary.

Timeline, also is built to work with third-party apps, thereby making such information available for their usage. The extent to which users can control the availability of these information remains shrouded in advanced settings, which an average Facebook user will find rather complicated.

Timeline has again iterated the level of contempt in which the social network holds its users, albeit, the social sphere is now saturated with great new prospects like: Google+ and Diaspora.

Critics claims that the Facebook Timeline seeks to capture more users data to make its service to advertisers more targeted. Whilst other privacy concerns includes the new features ability to surface hidden information about a user without collateral consent.

More than ever before, Facebook must get its bearing right as against the increasing agitation on its privacy stance. And make available an easy to understand settings to opt-in or out of such services as users deem necessary.
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