Google Flights: Natural Language Search

Google has finally responded to the challenge on the online flight search technology introduced by Microsoft Bing late last year with the launch of Google Flights. Also know as natural language search, the technology applies to booking of flights online, and eliminates the need of manually selecting airports, destinations and fares, as the booking requirements are automatically included on search.

The new feature was made possible by Google's acquisition of ITA Software, developer of flight fare and traveling price system used by major airlines, a deal that nearly went sore, but later reconsidered to Google's favor.

An early view of Google Flight Search feature among other things promise to enhance users experience in booking of flights online, as the flight selection are not necessarily controlled by any paid relationship. The booking links point to airline websites, and preference is given to the best available information.

The overall advantage of the technology points to speed and accurate information as regards destination and flights schedule. It helps you to figure out most convenient time to travel, see most relevant flights and consider your destination options. The flight search shows you an easy-to-scan list to help you get to your destination quickly and inexpensively.

The Flight Search feature started roll-out Tuesday as a takeoff and will gradually be extended to every user. At the moment, U.S. cities alone are covered and only results for round-trip economy-class flights are shown.
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