Internet Search Accuracy

The heated debate over Google's accusation that Microsoft (Bing) is copying its search algorithm in presenting its search results may have been rather assuaged by a recent analytics report by an online competitive intelligence service, Hitwise.

The intelligence analysis reported that Bing search engine provides more accurate searches than Google search, whereby a little more than 81 percent searches on Bing leads to a visit to a  website, while Google search recorded only about 65 percent success.

However, it's pertinent to note that the result is obtained by the Bing and Yahoo Search partnership, which invariably means improvement in users engagement - Microsoft and Yahoo search technology and traffic exchange partnership.

Google, nonetheless still retains lead in overall search traffic, mostly from the U.S. with about 67.95 percent searches conducted in the four weeks ending 29th January, 2011. While Bing powered searches accounts for 27.44 percent of searches for the month.

Microsoft share of the search engine market has also improved, with Bing search share up by 6 percent, while Google search went down 2 percent from the previous month.

Indeed, the recent investments made by Microsoft in its Bing search service has already started yielding favorable results, and perhaps if the Hitwise analysis data is anything, given accuracy search trends counts, could mean Microsoft winning back internet search users. Suffice it to mean that another Bing vs. Google battle-line has just been drawn.
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