Web Apps: Next-Gen Application

The debate on the possible replacement of Desktop applications is one that has already been decided. As the Next generation internet trends points to social collaboration and realtime access to information, which invariably means that web applications are the future rave.

The development of software applications is perhaps the greatest enabler to a more efficient computing experience, notably the word processors and media players capabilities, which comprised the earlier desktop apps. But given the advent of the internet and the need for more portability cum mobility, the possibility of gaining access to this applications from anywhere there is an internet connection rather than the case of desktop applications which are installed on a given computer.

This usability constraint associated with desktop applications, however, necessitated the need for a better and more accessible alternative, leading to the development of the web versions of such apps.

Now, the web apps vs. desktop apps debate-line is one that spells a generation change and as such definitely falls on the side of web applications.

Desktop apps proponents have stressed the area of data security as their yardstick to sticking with desktop applications, however, the data encryption technologies finding a more popular application on the internet stands to correct such notions.

The area of the cost of installing and running such apps on desktop is another factor against, as most web applications are basically open-source and royalty-free, for instance: Google Docs.

Also, the issue of data storage mechanism for web applications have found a solution in the Cloud. Hence the greet buzz that heralded the entrant of the Cloud Computing innovations. The internet trends that had accorded such level of importance to web application will certainly sustain the dominance of the emerging technology, as it forms the hub on which the Social Web hinges.
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