If you've ever wanted to cast your mobile device screens onto a computer, or perhaps, having a simple yet powerful tool for remote meeting, online teaching lesson, live streaming for mobile games, then read on.

AirDroid Personal is an all-in-one Android device manager that allows you to mirror Android phone screens to your PC and view the content on a bigger display (Screen mirroring) and it doesn't require the phone and the PC to be on the same network. It supports remote control on all Android phones and tablets, without needing to root the phone, still giving you full control over the device.

This amazing Android device manager allows you focus on work by letting you manage the phone right from your PC, and you can receive and send texts, connect to headsets, enter or copy the phone number and make call right from your PC.

Unique Features of AirDroid Personal

  • Android Remote Control
  • File Transfer and Management
  • Notification and SMS Management
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Remote Monitoring

How AirDroid Personal Screen Mirroring Works

With AirDroid Personal, you can use Screen Mirroring to view content in real-time and take screenshots, including screen recordings on any Android device.

And you can share your phone screen to a computer, view the Android device screen using AirDroid Personal Desktop Client or the web: web.airdroid.com. Windows, Mac, and Linux are also supported.

And as with high-speed file transfer within the same local area network, and carrying over the seamless experience switching from Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G network, AirDroid Personal Screen Mirroring offers a splendid experience.


The fact that AirDroid Personal can connect your Android devices and PC, even when they are not connected to the same local area network is wonderful, with Screen Mirroring that works perfectly.

It also offers a Premium version, that allows you to turn on One-Way Audio to acquire sounds of a device's surroundings when you are viewing the device screen.

AirDroid Personal: Transfer Files Across Devices and Remote Control Android