Virtual Reality in Medical: Doctor VR Will See You Now (Infographic)

The computer-generated scenario, known as Virtual Reality (VR) that simulates experience through senses and perception is fast spreading, and now it's finding its way into the medical profession.

While the VR industry had provided devices for medical, flight simulation, automobile industry design, and military training purposes for as far back as 1970 to 1990, the modern application has gone past training, as it now forms the fulcrum of actual medical practices.

For instance, VPL licensed the Data Glove technology to Mattel, and used in making an accessory known as the Power Glove. While the Power Glove was hard to use and not popular, at US$75, it was an early affordable VR device.

The Infographic below explores other modern day adoption of VR in Medical, brought to you by Luminous.

Doctor VR Will See You Now
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