Microsoft Pay integration with Stripe, Braintree, Sage, Wave and more coming soon

Microsoft at its Build Conference announced that its digital wallet service is coming to Outlook, the company's web mail service.

And for the first time, those using Outlook can request payments via the email service, and pay bills directly, without leaving the platform or opening a different payment app or service. While the company over the next few months will integrate Stripe Connect and Braintree as payment processors powering the service, as well as Zuora, FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave, and Xero among the billing and invoicing services partners.

Microsoft Pay as the company's answer to Android Pay and Apple Pay is perhaps getting a little more useful with the current enhancements, even though its still far less popular.

The integration with Outlook is perhaps the biggest shift that Microsoft is making to try to streamline the payment service and bring it to mainstream internet users by way of the Adaptive Cards and other user-friendly developer mechanics.

Albeit, Microsoft isn't a bill payment agent, but its partners get commissions from transactions when the invoice is paid through them, and thus offering the convenience to Outlook users makes it more useful to the people and overall help retain the users.

While Stripe support means businesses that use Stripe in their apps can now offer Microsoft Pay as an additional option to users.

Stripe support is already available for Apple Pay, Android Pay and Alipay, among others. And by reducing the time needed to complete a payment, Stripe and Microsoft partnership can help businesses around also to reduce missed or late payments, thus leading to more revenue.
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