Finally, Messenger gets option to report conversations after users demand

Facebook has added an option that will enable Messenger users to report offending conversations and allow you to tell what happened in your own words.

While the Messenger app allow users to flag messages in the categories of harassment, hate speech and suicide, and users could only flag inappropriate content on Facebook itself, many users of the Messenger app whom are mobile-only have clamored for the feature to report conversations.

Now, Facebook has launched new tools on mobile for people to report conversations that violate the Community Standards, in order to help minimize bad experiences that can get in the way of people who use Messenger to connect with family and friends, make plans, and share photos and videos with loved ones.

The reporting tools can be accessed from any Messenger conversation on iOS or Android, simply by tapping the name of the person or group with whom you’re having conversation, and scroll to "Something’s Wrong", then select from several categories such as harassment, hate speech, or pretending to be someone else.

After reporting the conversation, you’ll receive a confirmation that it was successfully submitted for review.

Facebook reviews the reports in over 50 languages, making it faster to address issues so that Messenger users can continue to have positive experiences on the platform. And the more granular reporting options in Messenger also makes it easier to report things for the team to review.

The company encourages Messenger users to use the reporting tools, as the more they do, the better assist it get in keeping the Messenger community safe.
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