The most Important Announcements of Google I/O 2018 In Tweets

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in its headquarters at Mountain View, California. While the event showcases technical in-depth sessions on the company's efforts in building web, mobile and enterprise applications and the next innovations in its open source projects, such as Android, Chrome and Chrome OS, among others.

We've embedded the most important announcements at the event below so you can peruse it to know where the internet giant is heading right now. The highlights include: Google Assistant updates, Maps updates, Google News and its Cloud Offerings, like Firebase.

Find the Tweets below:

And these are some of the most significant announcements so far at the event as revealed in the above tweets. Today marks the last day for the event, and perhaps Google may be reserving the best wine for the last, as the old tradition goes! So you'd better watch out for it!
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