Filmora Video Editing Software: Easy for even Amateurs who never edited video before

If you're looking for a modern and easy to use video editor, Filmora Video Editing Software by Wondershare will be a delight, with intuitive design that makes it super easy for even an amateur.

Filmora Video Editing Software which is available for both Mac and Windows offers the standard benchmark effects, like transitions and overlays, in a clean user interface that can be switched between black and light-gray window borders.

Filmora has four editing modes: Action Cam Tool, Full Feature Mode, Instant Cutter, and Easy Mode; which choices of mode you make will depend on what you want to do exactly, and you'd need to set the program to suit your project.

  • Action Cam Tool

This versatile mode takes you right into a separate module with different tools specifically adapted for dealing with action footage and the sort of “action” project that falls under motion and animation pictures.

Such tools as mostly needed by the genre, consist of Fix, Speed, and Color. While the Fix tools include lens fisheye correction, stabilization, and denoise. Speed, allows you apply freeze frames, speedups, slowdowns, and repeats. Color isn't only about saturation, tint, and temperature, but also lighting adjustments for brightness and contrast.

  • Full Feature Mode

This ushers you right into the Filmora's Full Editor that is a clean and simple; with a three-panel layout for source content, video preview, and timeline across the bottom.

The editor timeline view consists of a Storyboard that shows clip thumbnails, with transitions in between. But you can zoom tracks with a control at the right, though there's no mouse-wheel zooming option or a way to solo or hide individual tracks, but the tracks show audio waveforms, which is pretty helpful.

  • Instant Cutter

The tool is for loading footage and as the name suggest, it offers the ability to instantly isolate segments of the footage and render it immediately in a new file.

And dragging multiple clips onto its window is possible, but only if you've selected its Merge sub-mode. While the Trim mode is for trimming the ends of a single clip, and the interface won't show even more than one clip in the source tray.

But switching to Merge mode can remove any clip from the source tray that you're working on in Trim mode.

  • Easy Mode

The Easy mode offers a semi-automatic mode which makes use of style templates through which you can add video, images and audio.etc Also, you'd have the option to follow a step-by-step- process through to a final video.

Simply dragging a few video clips or digital photos onto it, you can choose a theme, select music, and boom: Motion picture art and your creation takes off! The default installation are about six themes: Simple, Happy, Sport, Love, Travel, and Old Days, though you're required to download content for the first, which several of them are marked Beta.

What are the options for Sharing and Output?

Filmora have most of the output options available, including AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV and Filmora actually has a combo of screen recorder, audio equalizer, video stabilization and motion paths built into it! There are also buttons for creating and uploading Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo movies, as well as DVD burning, with 4K fully supported.

The best part remains that the software is reasonably priced at $39.99 per year or $59.99 lifetime fee. Though there's a Free version that sure makes an easy to use video editor that video creators from amateurs to professionals will find handy!
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