Is Facebook to offer Subscription based Ad-free version of the Social network?

Quite contrary to Zuckerberg's earlier stance that Facebook will always be free, reports from Bloomberg claims that the social network is considering an ad-free version that users will actually pay to use.

According to the Bloomberg report, a paid version of Facebook may be coming in the future as the social network in recent weeks have conducted market research to determine if an ad-free version would be favorable to more of its users who are willing to pay subscriptions to join the social network.

Albeit, the company research in the past proved that users won’t be receptive of a subscription model, as Facebook asking for money for something it said would always be free, already tantamount to lack of trust.

While Facebook had considered such an option in the past, now there’s more internal momentum to pursue it in light of Facebook’s recent privacy data scandal. And most people who cared about privacy could pay the social network to avoid tracking to maintain their privacy.

The Facebook privacy scandal have raised some questions about the information the company collects on users mainly for ads targeting, and people have become much more wary of how much information they've given the social network.

The company, however has been receptive to any changes that could restore the users trust, even such unthinkable approaches as ranking news publishers by trustworthiness and allowing up-voting and down-voting on comments in recent times.

But just how much the idea of a subscription based model of the social network would restore a level of trust, if at all it becomes a reality and embraced by a sizable audience of the social network remains to be seen.
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