AnyTrans for iOS: Easy Management for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud content in one app

While there are numerous apps that claim to help you organize your files on iOS devices, certainly not all of them are cut to the task, as iPhone file management isn’t something you’d consign to mediocre apps without proper management capabilities.

AnyTrans for iOS is a versatile app that makes it easy for you to fully manage your iPhone, iPad, iPod, even iTunes and iCloud content in one handy place. It brings full-way transfer across iOS ecosystem and allows you to move your contents around, from music, photos, contacts, messages or any other file that’s stored on your device.

Also AnyTrans is able to create, edit and manage music playlists, and transpose videos to play on iPhone, iPad, or iPod without any incompatibility problem.

Some of the other unique features that sets AnyTrans apart from the Competitions are listed below.

  • Take Absolute Control of Your Music/Video Collections

AnyTrans helps you free up music from iTunes restriction, which means you can conveniently sync music between iTunes library and any other iOS device, and vice versa.. Also you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your current iPhone music tracks when syncing it from your computer.

It's equally possible to export music and video from your iPhone or iPad to your iTunes library and PC.

AnyTrans also enables two iDevices to directly share media files with each other, thus allowing you to enjoy music or video saved on iPhone on your iPad with a single tap. And it makes it easy to add new playlists to your iTunes library even without launching iTunes.

  • More Storage, More Options & Easy Photos Conversion

For the photo freaks, taking photos with iPhone is now super fun and easy. But with a huge growing collections within the limited storage might spoil the fun. AnyTrans come to the rescue, it allows you to migrate your entire collection of photos to your PC with blazing speed — transferring about 100 photos in only 3.4 seconds.

Also it automatically converts HEIC images to widely compatible JPGs when exporting them to computer.

But most importantly, it goes further to allow you to create albums, with which you can sort out your favorite images by subjects – people, places, holidays, and more. And AnyTrans allows you to browse through the images on a timeline, which you can use to easily find pictures based on the date it was created.

  • Safeguard for All Your Personal Data

All your important personal information, like messages, contacts, call history, voicemails, Safari bookmarks and more, to computer from your iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud can be exported to AnyTrans. And you can back up your SMS and iMessages from iPhone to computer as complete threads with all attached images in HTML, text, or PDF format intact.

Perhaps, your most pleasant imaginations are only for your important personal data and media files, but for giving you a more relaxed and enjoyable experience in every aspect of using your iOS devices could be more.

AnyTrans makes the tedious management of contents super easy and with just a tap, or even in most cases without even a click, all your files management needs will be sorted out in no time.

Additionally, AnyTrans lets you download online videos from 900+ sites, including: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Instagram to iPhone or Android totally FREE. You just have to enter the video URL and press go and that's it, you'll have a video ready to transfer to your device, and fully accessible offline.

You can try its full functions for FREE by downloading AnyTrans for IOS here!
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