What's new in Google's Gmail update with regards to privacy and productivity

The much awaited Gmail update has touched down for many users, while the roll out includes a major revamp that brings a new interface and strong privacy features, among others.

Google's refreshing design has brought new features to the Gmail web client, which is perhaps the most major update coming to the web-mail service, doing away with the old web interface which is a bit of a glitch, as the new redesign offers a more modern feel, with ergonomic buttons, cleaner menus, and collapsible panels.

While the changes in interface are mere cosmetic, the biggest changes are definitely in the enhancements under the hood, which concerns users privacy and productivity.

For those using Gmail for work, having a safe, strong, and secure web client is as important as push notifications and scheduling, but the whole package here is a major upgrade for users generally, and covers the over one billion people who use Gmail every day.

The new Gmail focus on productivity and security starts right within your inbox. And once a message or conversation has an attachment, you’ll be able to preview or open it without needing to scroll through a list of messages. Also, there's now a snooze button which lets you keep your inbox organized. And you can easily access Google’s productivity tools, such as Calendar, Meet, and Tasks, right from Gmail.

Additionally, it will keep track of your messages with a new “nudge” feature that reminds you to reply to messages after they’ve been dormant for some days, coupled with the smart replies now integrated into Gmail web client for faster responses.

On the privacy front is what Google calls the "confidential mode" which is applicable to outgoing messages, denying the recipient the ability to forward, copy, download or print the message once they receive it.

The messages sent as confidential are not directly received into the inbox, as Google makes it work by not sending the confidential content directly, but providing a link to the content in your mailbox and is accessed by the recipient through Gmail account or, HTTPS (if they use other email provider).

The new Gmail is currently rolling out globally, so to check if you've gotten the update, click on the gear icon in the right corner and look for the “Try the new Gmail” option.
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